H.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. Shimla came into existence on 27th August, 2008 as a part of unbundling of erstwhile HPSEB and was conferred the status of State Transmission Utility in the year 2010.

HPPTCL has been entrusted execution of all new works; both Transmission Lines and Sub-Stations of 66 kV and above voltage rating. Formulation, up-gradation & execution of Transmission Master Plan of Himachal Pradesh for strengthening of transmission network. HPPTCL as State Transmission Utility (STU) is coordinating the transmission related issues with Ministry of Power (Govt. of India), Central Electricity Authority, Central Transmission Utility, HPSEB Ltd. Besides, corporation is also responsible for planning and coordination of transmission related issues with IPPs, CPSUs, State PSUs, HPPCL and other State/Central Government Agencies and the executing the following functions of State Transmission Utility as per the provision of Indian Electricity Act:

  1. to undertake transmission of electricity through intra-State transmission system;
  2. to discharge all functions of planning and co-ordination relating to intra-State transmission system with –
    1. Central Transmission Utility;
    2. State Governments;
    3. Generating companies;
    4. Regional Power Committees;
    5. Authority;
    6. licensees;
    7. any other person notified by the State Government in this behalf;
  3. to ensure development of an efficient, coordinated and economical system of intra-State transmission lines for smooth flow of electricity from a generating station to the load centers;
  4. to provide non-discriminatory open access to its transmission system for use by-
    1. any licensee or generating company on payment of the transmission charges; or
    2. any consumer as and when such open access is provided by the State Commission under sub-section (2) of section 42, on payment of the transmission charges and a surcharge thereon, as may be specified by the State Commission.

As of January 2021 HPPTCL, has operationalised 11 Substations with Transformation capacity of 2473.5 MVA, 1 Switching Station and 24 Transmission lines with 583.56 Ckt Km (Circuit Kilometre) to strengthen the state transmission network in various Districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Apart from above, 15 substations with Transformation capacity 1677.5 MVA, 2 Switching Station, Joint Control Centre and 14 Transmission lines with total of 515 Ckt Km (Circuit Kilometre) are currently under execution under various schemes. These projects scheduled to be executed by 2022 and shall result in the addition of 4151 MVA and 1096.96 Ckm addition to the state Transmission network.

Environment and Social Systems Assessment Himachal Pradesh Power Sector Reforms Program 2021-22

Corrigendum of Tender No:23-HPPTCL/IT/ERP-AMC

Clarification regarding Pre-Bid Queries

Notice regarding Pre-Bid meeting of Tender No.23-HPPTCL/IT/ERP-AMC

Corrigendum of Tender No. HPPTCL/CONTRACTS/TENDERS/GMCD/2022/004

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) Service for 03(years) for SAP

50th STU Meeting Notice


Supply, Manufacture, Fabrication, Testing at Manufacturers Works, Transportation to site, Insurance, Loading and Unloading, Storage, Erection, Testing and Commisioning, replacement of damaged towers/ members & additional civil works at different locations of 220kV D/C Kashang-Bhaba Transmission line under PIU Bhabanagar in District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.

Supply, Engineering, Manufacture,Fabrication, Testing at Manufacturers Works,Transportation site,Loading and Unloading, Storage, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 400kV D/C Transmission line by LILO of one Circuit of 400kV D/C Lahal-Chamera(Rajera) Line at T-8 to Kuthera HEP(240 MW) in District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Proposed Transmission Charges in respect of Asset-1:33/132kV, GIS Sub Station at Pandoh along with the LILO of one circuit of 132kV D/C Kangoo-Bajaura Transmission line and Asset-2: Additional 33/132 kV, 31.5 MVA Transformer with associated 33/132 kV, ix31.5 MVA GIS Substation at Pandoh

Proposed Transmission charges in respect of Asset-1:33/132kV, GIS Sub Station at Chambi and Asset-2: 132 kV DC Transmission Line from tapping point of 132 kV Dehra-Kangra Transmission Line to 33/132 kV GIS Pooling Station at Chambi.

Proposed Transmission charges in respect of 400/220/66 kV GIS Pooling Sub-Station Wangtoo.

Appointment Letters for the post of Junior Engineer (Civil) S-1 level on Contract Basis

Supply, Engineering, Manufacture, Fabrication, Testing at Manufacturers Works,Transportation to Site, Insurance,Loading and Unloading, Storage,Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 132 kV D/C Transmission line by LILO of 132 kV S/C Bassi-Dehan Line at T-88 to 220kV GIS Sub-Station Patti in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh.

Public Notice for construction of 132 kV multi circuit transmission line on 220 kV towers with ASCR “Zebra”conductor from 220/132 kV Substation proposed at Andheri to Tower NO.20/21 of 132 kV Jamta-Kala Amb Transmission Line and stringing & sagging of ACSR Panther Conductor on 2nd circuit of 132 kV Jamta-Kalaamb Line 132 kv D/C Towers from T-1(Demi to T-14(Kala Amb))

Draft amendment in HPREC approved procedure for Grant of Connectivity, Long-Term Intrastate Open Access and Related Matters Regulations, 2021

IIT Kharagpur has created Digital Library for students for all subjects.